Performance Insight: FY15-Q3

I recently unveiled a balanced $5.1 billion proposed total city budget for the coming fiscal year. This wasn’t easy to do with revenue limitations, growing pension and debt obligations, and an ever-increasing demand for City services. We were able to submit this balanced budget in large part due to a tremendous effort to become a leaner and more efficient government. The City has honed its focus on performance improvement and data-driven management.

Performance Insight FY15-Q1

Performance Insight in Action...

When I became Mayor, I saw an opportunity to further encourage and develop the talents of our dedicated employees by providing Lean Six Sigma training, a systematic problem solving technique intended to reduce waste, improve processes and enhance quality of operations. While we weren’t the first City to adopt Lean Six Sigma methods, we’ve built one of the largest and most intensive public quality regimens in the world!

Performance Insight: FY14-Q4

Performance Insight in Action...

As we conclude the first year of producing these Performance Insight reports, I’d like to provide an update on the ongoing work to improve our performance. Over the past year we focused on developing meaningful internal and external-facing performance measures, and creating a culture of accountability through data-driven management. We improved data quality and processes to support validation. We developed a follow-up process to encourage action when performance does not meet expectations.

Performance Insight: FY14-Q3

Performance Insight in Action...

The goal of Performance Insight is to go beyond simply reporting performance and begin to use the report as a tool to manage and improve performance on an on-going basis. As an executive scorecard, my staff and I use this report to lead constructive, data-driven discussions with department directors on the performance of the City’s core functions.

Budget Bootcamp Insights: FY14 General Fund Personnel Expenditures

When the Finance Department released Budget Bootcamp as its first implemented Hackathon project, we hoped citizens would be able to better visualize and understand the City of Houston's annual operating costs. Each year, the Administration presents its proposed operating budget to City Council for review, amendments, and eventual adoption. The end result of this multi-month process is two thick budget books totaling over 900 pages in length. Budget Bootcamp attempts to condense these pages into interactive visualizations that better help explain portions of the budget and focus conversation around facts. In this case: we're going to take a look at budgeted Personnel Expenditures in the General Fund for FY14.

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