BARC Service Requests Integrated into 311 Performance Dashboards

BARC (Animal Shelter and Adoptions) service requests are now integrated into the 311 Performance Dashboards! You can analyze BARC service requests to your heart’s content and compare calls such as stray animal pickup and animal control violations alongside other 311 service requests. Check out some of the different views by browsing the thumbnails below.

Back in April, we blogged on our efforts to pull BARC service requests and integrate the data into the 311 Performance Dashboards and, eventually, host the underlying data on the City's Interim Open Data Portal. BARC service requests have not been historically included in the 311 Performance Dashboards because they are logged into a different work management system than all other 311 service requests.

The first step towards integrating BARC and 311 data came in July when BARC service requests were included in the FY14-Q4 Performance Insight report. Integration was solidified with the release of the FY15-Q1 Performance Insight report. At the beginning of the month, we completed the integration of the BARC data into the 311 Dashboards. As we continue forward with implementation of the City's Open Data Policy, we'll continue to work towards eventually making BARC service requests available as an open data set.

Click on the thumbnails below to open the 311 Performance Dashboards pre-filtered to BARC views

Frank C. Bracco is a Senior Staff Analyst for the City of Houston Finance Department and is a member of the Performance Improvement Division. Frank holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics from the University of Florida and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Georgia.

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Performance Insight FY15-Q1

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