Four More Open Datasets Put on Automatic Refresh

Good news from the Open Data front: we’ve automated the refresh cycle on four more open datasets on the City of Houston interim Open Data Portal. The four datasets are related to Administrative and Regulatory Affairs’ Commercial Permitting operations and include data about alcohol permits, game rooms and coin-operated machines, and various other occupational permits. The datasets are refreshed on the first Sunday of each month and are available in Excel 2007/2010 format (XLSX). The datasets each use the same columns and share a common metadata file which allows all four datasets to be combined for a more complete picture of active commercial permits.

You can find the newly automated datasets at:

Let us know what you think by using the "Ideas and Feedback" button on the Open Data Portal.

Frank C. Bracco is a Senior Staff Analyst for the City of Houston Finance Department and is a member of the Performance Improvement Division. Frank holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics from the University of Florida and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Georgia.

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