Performance Insight: FY14-Q1

Posted November 6, 2013


When I arrived in the Mayor's Office, I focused the work of the City on five strategic priorities: Jobs & Sustainable Development, Public Safety, Infrastructure, Quality of Life and Fiscal Responsibility. These priorities permeate every aspect of my Administration and are now institutionalized in budgets, policies and day‐to‐day operations.

To increase accountability to the public and further orient our work to these priorities, I asked departments to develop and report performance measures as part of the annual budget and capital improvement planning process. I also created a Performance Improvement Division within the Finance Department that works with departments to establish meaningful performance metrics, set
aggressive, customer‐oriented goals aimed at furthering my strategic priorities, and help address performance issues.

The Performance Insight report is a continuation of this data‐driven, balanced scorecard management approach, providing City leaders with a tool for managing and evaluating performance on a quarterly basis. This is the first edition of the Performance Insight report. Future reports will also be presented to City Council during the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Committee meeting that occur
after the end of each fiscal quarter. We are continuing to improve this report as well as the City's performance measurement system in general. Council Members are encouraged to contact my office with suggestions of particular areas of focus they would like to see in this report going forward. We are also developing an online public reporting tool that will enable access to this data electronically and provide for ad‐hoc reporting capabilities using City data marts.

Through the hard work of our dedicated staff, the City is continuing to meet the needs of our ever growing population and remain a leader in innovation and performance. This report is just another step in our journey of instituting world‐class management in our world‐class City.

Annise D. Parker

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