HITS - Cabling Service Optimization

Posted March 28, 2016


Project Summary: After fielding complaints from client departments, Houston Information Technology Services assigned a green belt team to take a comprehensive look at their process for installing new network cable outlets. The team was able to identify opportunities to streamline the process using existing vendor resources while also potentially reducing costs by over $300,000 annually.


Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a customer centric way of thinking and problem solving that seeks to continually identify and eliminate waste.

Lean Six Sigma focuses on:
-Meeting the customer needs
-Eliminating waste (non-value adding activities)
-Problem solving
-Developing people

In most businesses, > 90% of resources are spent performing non-value adding activities. Thus, the biggest benefits are driven by eliminating waste.

The elimination of waste results in increased speed and capacity, as well as reduced costs and customer complaints.