HCD - Data Collection and Input Process Redesign for Federal Housing Grants

Posted December 14, 2015


Project Summary: The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has strict requirements on accuracy and completeness for project records associated with federal grant dollars dollars. The City of Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department worked to develop a standardized workflow process for project submissions, created an electronic workflow process to automate error checking, and implemented an internal controls process. These efforts reduced the City’s error rate on HUD-related projects by 11% and also reduced the back-log of open items with errors by 59%.


Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a customer centric way of thinking and problem solving that seeks to continually identify and eliminate waste.

Lean Six Sigma focuses on:
-Meeting the customer needs
-Eliminating waste (non-value adding activities)
-Problem solving
-Developing people

In most businesses, > 90% of resources are spent performing non-value adding activities. Thus, the biggest benefits are driven by eliminating waste.

The elimination of waste results in increased speed and capacity, as well as reduced costs and customer complaints.