DON - Inspection Process Improvement - Phase 1

Posted August 11, 2015


Project Summary: In phase 1 of a comprehensive re-visioning of the Department of Neighborhoods' service processes, the Inspections and Public Service team increased employee morale by offering flexible teleworking opportunities, increased inspections by placing more management out in the field, and decreased the cycle time from initial receipt of a complaint to the time of inspection by one-third. As an added benefit, the division also saw an ~27% reduction in fuel usage due to the teleworking program.


Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a customer centric way of thinking and problem solving that seeks to continually identify and eliminate waste.

Lean Six Sigma focuses on:
-Meeting the customer needs
-Eliminating waste (non-value adding activities)
-Problem solving
-Developing people

In most businesses, > 90% of resources are spent performing non-value adding activities. Thus, the biggest benefits are driven by eliminating waste.

The elimination of waste results in increased speed and capacity, as well as reduced costs and customer complaints.